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Published on our website are the most popular items in our lines of products. If you are unable to locate an item that meets your specific requirement, please contact us.

Solderless Terminals and Connectors

Terminals, disconnects and connectors for use in the assembly and maintenance of electrical systems. UL and CSA listed where appropriate

bullet100% copper and tinned plated for corrosion resistance
bulletAvailable in non-insulated, vinyl or nylon insulated
bulletPlus specialty products for:
bulletLandscape lighting
bulletLawn sprinkler systems
bulletMoisture and underground applications
bulletAssortment kits of our most popular items

Cable Ties

A product that secures wire bundles, cables and many other types of devices. Comes in a variety of sizes and strengths to accommodate the needs of most industries.

Cable and Wire Tie Wrap

Scotchu 100 Cable & Wire Tie Wrap incorporates flexibility, a thin profile, and superior strength for a unique cable bundling, wire harnessing and fastening system. Scotch tie wraps secure quickly and easily, remain locked without slipping and can be reused for maximum efficiency, Excellent for wire bundling, cable fastening, fiber optic installation, securing electrical and electronic components and a variety of applications, permanent or temporary.                                            

bulletSuperior Strength
bulletFlexible and thin, easy to install
bulletReduce labor cost & improve efficiency

Heavy Duty Tie Straps

bulletAvailable in Nylon and 20 Year Weatherable Acetal
bulletStronger, 400 lbs. tensile strength
bulletLighter Weight
bulletHighly Versatile Tie System
bulletAvailable in Any Length
bulletAvailable in 100' or 200' Rolls

Direct Bury Splices

Direct Bury Splice Kits are real time savers when installing underground electrical systems. Every component of the splice is included in the kit. The insulator tube is pre-filled with the correct amount of sealant.

No crimping tools, no waste, no mess. Quick reliable underground splices for irrigation and sprinkler systems, landscaping lighting and other 30-volt projects.

 These 3Mô underground electrical wire connectors splice and effectively moisture-seal two or more conductors for remote-control circuits in irrigation and landscape lighting systems.

Insulation Displacement Connectors

bulletApplications for Electrical & Telecommunications
bulletSqueeze shut connector - No stripping or twisting
bulletCrimp with slip-joint pliers - No special tools required
bulletNo need to cut run wire - Faster installation
bulletNo need to twist on

Reclosable Fasteners

Traditional reclosable fasteners such as zippers, screws, bolts, snaps, hooks or latches get the job done, but if you want more choice for your product design and assembly, consider the innovative 3M Reclosable Fastening Systems - they are three-ways better.

Better appearance: Reclosable fastening systems are hidden beneath the surface of your products. With adhesive backed fasteners there are no holes, protrusions, snap caps, or fastener heads. The surface is sleek and clean.

Expanded design options: You can select from a range of closure strengths to meet the requirements of your design.

Faster and easier to assemble: 3M fasteners with pressure-sensitive adhesive backing are applied as quickly and easily as tape. Remove the liner and, without touching the adhesive, place the fastener on a clean, dry surface. To obtain optimum bond strength, roll down the fastener with a firm application pressure. Approximately 50% of the bond strength will be achieved after 20 minutes. Maximum strength is achieved after additional dwell time.

Cushion Protectors

Molded cushions for all sorts of uses on all sorts of products - from door stops to calculator feet. They are made of durable, resilient, poly-urethane polymer formulated for its high coefficient of friction with excellent resistance to marring and staining.

bulletSolution whenever slamming, scratching, nicking, scuffing, sliding or vibrations could be a problem
bullet Spacers for cabinet doors, lids and drawers
bulletFeet on blenders, telephones, computer terminals, audio/video systems and other electronic devices
bullet Bumper protectors for chairs, walls and doors
bulletPads and cushions for fans, small appliances and furniture

Custom Stampings

Production Metal Stampings

bulletShort Run
bulletLong Run
bulletValue Added
bullet12 to 200 ton Punch Presses

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