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" The Government is not the solution to the problem. It is the problem"

President Ronald Reagan  


We welcome people in our contiguous communities to join our grass roots movement.


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Fiscal Responsibility


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Previous Meetings:

October 12th -- The Tea Party Mt. Prospect is having its first meeting on Wednesday,  at the following location: Elk Grove Township Hall, 2400 S. Arlington Heights Road, Arlington Heights, IL 60005. 

Our guest speakers, Charlie Kirk and Maria Krutikova, are two exceptional high school students who will present their view of today's political environment.

December 6th -- Black Cow Kitchen & Bar

You will learn one of the reasons why we must defeat Obama and the Democrat agenda in 2012. "Exposing the truth about Obamacare and how it impacts all age groups, our health and its related cost." The guest speaker is Steven Tucker an expert in the field 

 March 22-- Black Cow Kitchen & Bar 6:30 PM t0 8:30 PM 

In addition to our keynote speaker Dan Proft, I have invited Tim Wolfe(conservative Republican candidate) to do a short presentation regarding his campaign to defeat Democrat Jan Schakowsky in the 9th Congressional District. Schakowsky supports Obama on such critical issues as ObamaCare and vetoing the Keystone Pipeline (in her words it would only create 20,000 jobs).  This race is of vital importance since many voters in the Northwest suburbs may be unaware they now fall within the 9th Congressional District. 
Dan Proft is an entrepreneur, writer, radio talk show host for WLS in Chicago, director of a non-profit that serves Illinois military families, policy geek for the Illinois Policy Institute, and aspiring basketball coach. Proft earned his BA from Northwestern University and his JD from Loyola University-Chicago School of Law.
Dan is a lifelong Illinois--and more importantly a lifelong conservative--who grew up in Wheaton and now resides in the occupied territory of Chicago. 
Dan ran in the Republican primary for Governor in the 2010 election cycle.  While not victorious, Dan came up with some of the more memorable observations of the campaign including his slogan that "Illinois isn't broken. It's fixed."
Dan has built a reputation for standing up to political bullies in Illinois, regardless of their party affiliation, who have punished small business owners and families who play by the rules only to get fleeced by a government they finance. 
This election cycle, Dan started Liberty Principles PAC, a political action committee formed to support conservative Illinois state legislative candidates.